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  • 2023-07-22

珍爱生命远离男人的英语?1、cherish 英 [ˈtʃerɪʃ] 美 [ˈtʃɛrɪʃ]vt.珍爱;爱护;怀有;抚育 He genuinely loved and cherished her .他由衷地爱恋并珍惜她。2、那么,珍爱生命远离男人的英语?一起来了解一下吧。


Life is not easy to come by,so we should value it.


有关珍指简侍爱生命的英文标语Cherish your life, protect the environment.珍爱生命,保护环境Cherish life, keep away from drugs!


Cherish your life, first is to treat yourself good.




Life is not easy to come by/Life is hard-won, we should cherish it.


512 earthquake made us aware of them to cherish life, life is not easy to come by.


So take care of yourself, cherish life, it is hard-won and easy to lose.


关于珍爱生命英语 演讲稿 范文三篇



That teachers and students:

Good morning! My speech today is entitled "cherish life."

All things in the world, only the most valuable life, not all of life there will be no loss of life, loss of self-respect, the loss of life. A seed, an ant, all tied to a tiny life, in 5,000 years of Chinese civilization in the history of mankind with a love of life and perseverance, the preparation of a civilization of the river of life. Deaf but to create the world's masterpieces by Beethoven, Warriors Hawking's wheelchair, suffered Gongxing angrily as Sima Qian's book ... ... are we to tell the true meaning of life, what forces so that they become great? What is Forces so that they self-improvement? Oh, life is life and that of the general strength of the fire, so unfair for them to become the fate of the shiny.

"Heartless world, with hay for all things dog." Catastrophe for Sri Lanka, for Prudential War, the 5.12 earthquake in the number of people killed? Manner of blood and tears, Sheng-min of sorrow, the pain of home and country. When tens of thousands of lives lost and survivors around, and at the same time all of us to take the grief and pain. Forever silence those in the ruins of life, enough for us to Dishou mast. However, those in the disaster approaches, a strong defense of himself and the Warriors are not other people's lives even more respect for it? Sacrifice people down crying "and then put a" fire fighter Jing Jie, rescued more than 10 students that they have been the ruins of pressure Lost his right leg for 50 hours under the 13-year-old girl He Cui Qing, the body has become smashed three hands and three students will continue to firmly embrace the people in front of the teacher to Qian ... ...

Life is just a process, and even a brief period of the course, even a short-lived as a blanking of the sky in a meteor, then we should not let life shine more light it? Montaigne in his "love for life "In the article, wrote:" I rely on the rapid time to pay close attention to retain the fleeting days; I think by the time the effective use of a hurry to make up for the passage of time.'s Remaining life is short, the more I make, the more the Life enrichment doing so well. "Seneca once said:" If the use of the good life is long. "

Yes, there was only one person in life, when and where the lives of what the end result, no one can expect. But the great man left behind a monument, a philosopher in the broad left behind Shensui thought, the poet left behind in the breathtaking emotional spirits, the artist leaves behind a rich and precious heritage ... ...

We are all mortal, a member since come to this world, we should let it all their lives, ideas, feelings, character into full bloom in March picturesque fields, in the quiet way of life, life to sing A warm and full of song. In this way, is considered a good life and live for Love.


If a crystal of life, beautiful and fragile.

I do not know may be laughter when the face yesterday, today has disappear yesterday dynamic figure, today there are only cold on the body, yesterday pulse beating heart has stopped beating today. Life is such a heavy, heavy I do not dare to look too.

However, in reality it would feel no lingering someone to give up their lives, shocking and regrettable. A couple of days ago to see an article written last year, and a 13-year-old boy in a position decisively, jump from a height under fly. All online games only because he got hooked on "Warcraft", was possessed by the Devil, not only to write the game notes, and finally select a game to die, fly from 24 floors, he only lived for 13 years, all only just begun, has to rush the end. Is necessary to test a few days, in the past always heard that a certain candidate because a bad grade or bad mental quality will be at the examination before or after the examination committed suicide, I do not know this year what is going to happen.

Parenting our parents put up with all kinds for decades, but not what our return, but I just hope our good life, healthy life. How can we bear to see his elderly parents lost their sons and daughters of face when, how old bear to see the body because of the grief and trembling, how helpless elderly bear to see it lonely? Not only their own lives as well as parents, it is our responsibility to live as well as obligations. Our parents are the continuation of life, we are not separate individuals, but their parents hope and support, and when the parents when we have an obligation to take care of the elderly care for them, life too short to be afraid of us do not have the time and parents get along well, how can easily the end of it? Have the shoulders of our heavy duty, life is so precious and important, how can it give up?

With age, our mental capacity should also be subject to growth, there must be a be able to bear the external pressure and the courage to overcome difficulties, in the face of the question to think of ways to solve the problem, rather than evade, or even choose to die. The win is not never really failed, but one hundred times in the fall after the article at first have the courage to stand up when it sounds as if it is very difficult, in fact, very simple, we want to do again and again only the after a fall at its feet. No one lives forever are the winner, the failure is not terrible, terrible loss of face are the failure of courage, can not afford to encounter difficulties, it will only want to escape the just, want to die to the end of this is the real failure. Is it true can die on the end of it? Relax their death to their loved ones did not think about the pain and hurt caused by their release brought the others along the path of endless troubles, this is how selfish and irresponsible, how childish behavi.

We should be together on the physical and mental maturity,Often in the classroom every day to hear someone shouting ah , I want to jump off the upstairs ah ... ... In fact, they do not know, life is a kind of greatest happiness, Happiness is a unique, life care are required in detail to the treasure. If you can not give up easily, it is undoubtedly the lack of respect for life, with such a person does not have a life!

The dead now rested in peace, people living in silence can only wish them, and then continue to take their own road.


The classmates:

You see, the green sea, fish in travel freely; You listen to, under the blue sky, the birds are singing happily in the... Oh! The world's most vibrant is life! It is this whole living life, let our whole earth too fresh.

I've always liked that song: "in every day of my life", in the song sings: "see how time flies/I pray tomorrow /...... when the familiar melody rang, I feel the value of life.

Every morning, when sunglow inflames the my cheeks, when the birds on the tree woke my dream, I know that a new day started again. I thank my father, mother, is they gave me precious life, is they let me feel the beauty of the earth. I also want to thank my grandpa, grandma, they love like sunshine light up my heart every corner!

Yes, life is like a flower, the flower of life is gorgeous, is fragile, do not cherish the will wither, withered.

The classmates, let us learn in life, cherish every day of my life. See how time flies, I pray that tomorrow, let each of us a little dream, can slowly realize! From now on, start from us: don't because of the naughty, but to the precious life, healthy growth, make the flower of life bloom forever!


Life is hard-won/hard-earned , so we should take care of /cherish our lives.

以上就是珍爱生命远离男人的英语的全部内容,有关珍爱生命的英文标语Cherish your life, protect the environment.珍爱生命,保护环境Cherish life, keep away from drugs!珍爱生命,远离毒品!Cherish your life, first is to treat yourself good.珍爱生命,内容来源于互联网,信息真伪需自行辨别。如有侵权请联系删除。